BootMed was created and is maintained by (me) Jake Teater. I am an American living in Brazil, with my wife and son. We work at an orphanage supported by my church, providing child care. Besides teaching the kids about Christ, I hope to one day (when I have the time) teach them about computer maintenance and repair. To keep my skills sharp, I do a lot of tinkering in my free time. BootMed is a product of that tinkering. The proceeds from the ad revenue and PayPal donations supplement the support we receive from the churches that support us.

BootMed is a project that I started after I had two major hard drive failures in a six month period. In both cases I used Linux live cd’s (Ubuntu, Knoppix, etc) to try to recover my information – four years worth of pictures, documents and music. In both cases I was able to recover 100% of my data.

While recovering my data I came to a few conclusions. Firstly, Linux live cd’s are made for those who already know how to use them. The documentation is hard to understand, and no clear path is laid out for those trying to troubleshoot hard drive problems. Secondly, I discovered that the actual process of recovering information, (ex. imaging a problem drive and mounting it in Windows) only involved a few steps, which any average computer user could carry out, with a little guidance.

I saw the opportunity to create a live rescue cd using already existing open source and free software, linking them up with step by step instructions and screen shots. With BootMed the average Windows user can recover data the same way the pros do, without the cost. paying hundreds of dollars.

I am not very good at replying to emails, but you can reach me at jake [at]

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