Q. Isn’t BootMed just an Ubuntu live cd that has a few links on the desktop and loads bootmed.com? 
A. The short answer is no. BootMed, byte by byte is only about 66% similar to the Ubuntu live cd you can download at Ubuntu.com. Many software packages have been removed and many have been added. What has not changed is the graphical interface. Changing the GUI would be counter productive to BootMed’s purpose, as documentation about how to use Ubuntu was created using the original GUI. Changing the look would make it less user friendly to the novice.

Q. How did you create a custom Ubuntu Live CD? 
A. I used UCK (Ubuntu Customization Kit) to create BootMed.

Q. Why did you create BootMed, aren’t UBCD4Win, Knoppix or Ubuntu Rescue Remix better? 
A. I created BootMed for a few reasons. Firstly, there is no Windows live cd that you can just burn and use, UBCD4Win must be built first, which can be a challenge in itself. Secondly, the live cd’s that were “burn and boot,” were not user friendly from the prospective of the average Windows user. For the most part they just assumed that the user already knew what they were doing, and just needed a live cd environment in which to do it. Thirdly, sometimes the required packages were not pre-installed, requiring adding repositories and apt-gets, which made for unnecessarily long tutorials. BootMed fills the gap and is a user friendly live cd, that comes with easy to follow documentation, written in language the average Windows user can understand.

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